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The Old Casa is the Original "Casa Corazon" building that was built in the decade of the 70's, which makes it more romantic, more "Old Mexican" Style. The Old Casa has 12 units for rent, these are divided in 4 floors, having the top and the middle with an ocean view. The middle and the lower floor of this building are inexpensive so its great for travellers and people who are on a budget.


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The New Casa is the New addition to "The Casa Corazon". It has been opened since 2005 with 30 more units available for rent, these are divided on 7 levels, most of them with an Ocean view. This section is modern compared to the Old casa, the rooms are higher and more spacious. It has a variety of rooms that fit your needs, units that fit anywhere from 1 up to 7 people, these can be one bedroom studios, studio-kitchenettes or double bedrooms.